Engineering Services


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Hi-tech Multilaterals is an experienced firm formed by highly creative and innovative Engineers. We have been able to give innovation, energy efficient design solution to the project we design & Execute. In today's complex commercial & Industrial environment, infrastructure & aesthetic are important for competitive world. The intention is to bring down the cost cutting & design optimization.

In recent instance customer prefer one point services contacts for ease communications & clarifications for the proposed Projects want to execute. Understanding customer difficulty HI-TECH found solution to bring Engineering Services under single roof for one point contact for execution convenience of Civil, Electrical, Fire Fighting Protection, Structural Steel & HVAC.

Our 'quality control' policy, as rigorously enforced within all our projects, time after time, every time, enables us to deliver an impeccably finished project, after having assured adherence to / compliance with certain benchmarks that need to be achieved, during the course of any project.

Hi - tech has a policy that any one of the service Projects of the company will undertake full responsibility of individual projects, right from the conceptual design stage all the way through to the final completion of all identified job works within the identified site parameters.

To aid and assist the client during the course of these activities, a senior appointee, from within Hi-tech is designated to undertake the role of a Project Manager for the project.